Start date: 30/01/2024
End date: 29/02/2024
All-day event
Location: YouTube

Back in November 2023 @Lough Erne Waders held a workshop on breeding wader conservation and management in Northern Ireland – with a range of talks on the subject by organisations/individuals from Ireland, N Ireland, Great Britain and the continent.

Throughout the annual cycle these species are associated with wetlands of one type or other – tundra, temperature coastal Machair, bogs and lowland wet grassland in summer and estuaries for staging and wintering.

Though this precedes WWD, the timing of the release of the presentations is nearly co-incident and worth a watch! The keynotes included:

  • Working Together for Waders – the role of Europe’s game shooting community (Dr David Scallan, Sec Gen FACE)
  • Saving Curlews across the UK (Mary Colwell, Curlew Action founder, author and broadcaster)
  • Curlews and Forestry (Patrick Laurie, author, hill-farmer and land management consultant)
  • The importance of predation management in wader recovery (Dr Andrew Hoodless, GWCT)

Breeding Waders are a hot topic right now – most species are red-listed in Ireland, populations globally are not faring well and there is much to do if we are to retain populations. In fact 2024-27 a new national DAFM/NPWS Breeding Wader EIP will be operating to try to help!


These are available now: