Date: 03/02/2024
All-day event
Location: Peatlands Park

The Biodiversity and Education team from Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council are hosting an event at Peatlands Park which lies within the Lough Neagh Ramsar site (also designated ASSI/SAC protected area).

GCE Biology students from within our council borough have been invited to attend our programme to mark World Wetlands Day which is our inaugural effort to formally recognise this important day.

The programme will comprise discussion and demonstration of

  • the importance of the ecosystem services which wetlands generally and more specifically peatlands provide.
  • The present problems/issues contributing to the poor condition of 80% of our peatland in Northern Ireland
  • Ongoing and future peat recovery projects

The site manager and peatland experienced guides will lead guided walks around the Peatlands Park site to showcase bogs which are in good and poor condition and highlight the measures currently employed to improve and restore areas which have become degraded due to commercial cutting and extraction of peat.

Students will also have an opportunity to discover the unique biodiversity of this site and learn about the adaptations of peatland flora in particular the key role of sphagnum moss the bog-builder.


On 3rd February we are running a Rhododendron Removal Volunteer Event which is open to the public (20 places) this is intended to promote the human wellbeing messaging of healthy Wetlands/Peatlands including the physical and mental health benefits of working in nature settings.