Form for IRWC hosted event guides and leaders

The Irish Ramsar Wetland Committee are planning to run events (walks, talks, wildlife watches, other events) at some of the 45 Ramsar Sites (or other wetlands) around Ireland to celebrate World Wetlands Day 2022.  If you are interested in/or have volunteered to run an event, please fill in the details below. This information will then go up on the IRWC website (via googlemymaps) and the public can register for the event via

This form is for events hosted by IRWC Committee members or associates of the Committee (e.g. NPWS Rangers, Heritage Officers, BWI staff, NPWS staff etc).

    e.g. Guided Walk at Lough Corrib Ramsar site

    e.g. Co. Galway

    Options are 29th/30th Jan, 2nd Feb or 5th/6th Feb

    e.g. couple of hours, half day, full day

    e.g. Please give Lat long coordinates (right click on google maps and paste into here) e.g 53.550541, -9.945536 for your meeting point with the public.

    If you are happy to display your email on the website click Yes. Participants will email you directly to register.
    If you would prefer not to display your email on the website choose No. Irish Wetlands will accept the registration emails and forward them on to you.

    You can give a date beyond which you won’t take any more people.